Role of Design Agency into Company Branding

A company's brand is a symbolic carrier of what a company is all about, an important component and asset of any business, such that the success of it is not just on a simple, well thought out design logo but because people see and recognize the brand and want to be identified with the brand by using the brand's product or services. The principle in branding is making a company identity for the general public to connect a company's product line up or services to the company's individuality and characteristics through its brand symbol.

A company hires a design agency for branding, basically for the sole purpose of either establishing a brand identity or, if there is an existing brand, enhancing the brand, such that, in doing so, the sphere of the design agency's creative designs must be within the established brand guidelines and market strategies, which the company requires, whether the brand is yet to be established or enhanced. The company thinks, deliberates, and comes up with their brand strategies , which incorporate the following - core values of the company, corporate identity, corporate goals and visions, company's unique selling point, for the design agency to translate these strategies into a visual brand design. It is the role of a design agency like is to piece together the company's composed, brand strategies into a holistic brand design that visualizes everything that the company is made of, such that the final brand outcome becomes the voice of a company, product or service.

The most basic brand design is into logos, designed with an appropriate background, color/s, and catchy font uniquely identifiable to a company; however, there are other creative models which a design agency is commissioned to do, but still bearing the company's brand, such as stationery (letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, to name a few); marketing collaterals (flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc.); products and packaging; apparel designs (employees uniforms); retail design (interior and exterior signage of outlet stores); email design (template design for emails, newsletters, in-house memos); TV ads; communication memos.

Hiring a professional design agency to come out with a company brand may be costly, but the initial investment may eventually return into many folds of profits once the company's brand succeeds in drawing in people to recognize it through the company's products and services, so it is still worth investing; however, there are low cost ways to put out a brand by availing of design agencies that are more into social media sites or website ranking through SEO, as these agencies or service providers may simply re-structure a company's brand strategy to reinforce its identity and build it through an online presence so click for more.

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